Attendee’s Timeline

Personalize and share any content you want with your Attendees. Centralize all your content and avoid sending multiple emails.

Personalized Timeline

Customize your timeline with your logo, backgrounds and other guidelines to make your content breath your brand

View all interactions

Stop sending the attendee hundreds of links and stop asking them to tag their content to retrieve their experiences, all interactions in one single place.

Efficiently document the event, share and track all generated communications by your audience in one single timeline.

Quickly add product videos or any company content you wish in between the users branded content. Use this timeline as a means to communicate more personalized information and add value to your attendee.

Check out all the content you can share with your attendees




Call to action



Track & Measure

Real-time data has never been so easy. Take advantage of our command center to view in real time all data that is being generated at your event. Measure your true ROE (Return on Engagement)


Attendee management made easy!

No one likes to stand in a line to attend an event. That’s why we have created a light registration process that streamlines your attendee’s arrival.


Engagement tools!

Provide your event team with the best set of tools for your next event.

Improve engagement now!

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Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.

- Edward Deming