The key to the success of your events: useful technology vs. “wow” technology

Do you want to know what can differentiate your event from all the others?

It’s not just the speakers or the sponsors, it’s not the featured music group or the virtual reality activity you’ve prepared, it’s something you can carry in your pocket that will allow you to manage events in an integrated way. We’ll give you all the details!

You may think that using wow technology means using tools for interactive meetings, augmented or virtual reality, geolocation, chatbots or contactless tech. It’s one thing to have useful technology for the organization and management of the event, and another to have wow technology; that is, one that adds value to both the attendees and the organizer.

Events are great activities for brands, both to get more visibility and to generate more customers, the secret lies in knowing how to differentiate your event. We will unveil the secret of true technological wow!

What can wow technology bring to your event?

Event management evolves by leaps and bounds and we work hard every day to offer you the value of an event platform with wow technology that will bring you benefits, such as:

  • Create irresistible websites for your event that will attract attention and encourage registration.
  • Promote your event from a single platform that will also help you analyse the results of all actions and take action in real time.
  • Be done once and for all with manual tasks that take up a lot of time which can be automated with technology. The time is over to send emails one at a time and manually update all those excel lists!
  • Create great and fully personalised emails for each phase of your customer’s journey.
  • Segment your clients so that they receive valuable content and an appropriate message at every moment.
  • Avoid mistakes: with wow technology, mistakes and duplicated tasks will be left in the past!
  • Save time: automating and centralising all of your event information in a single event platform will help you to save time and focus on what is really important: your business and event activities.
  • Waiting in long queues to enter an event are also history, with our attendee-control features entering the event and all the activities will be fast and smooth.
  • Capture clients’ data while complying with data protection regulations. You know … Information is power!
  • Have a personalised application for your event staff with which they can interact with your attendees and increase the attendee participation… you will also be able to understand the attendees’ behaviour.
  • Share information and digital content with your attendees without the need for your attendees to download a single use event app.
  • Brand your content and activate your event with targeted and personalised messages to your attendees, all conveniently located on their personal attendee content timeline.
  • Get feedback from your attendees using the content timeline: understand their point of view, gather their reactions, and analyse their feedback.
  • How about making decisions with real, fast and completely effective data. It will only take you a couple of clicks!
  • And when your event is done, analyse your event data and create rich reports on your performance and room for future innovation.

It does not matter if your company is big or small, wow technology adapts to what you need at all times. Also, it is not necessary to have extensive tech knowledge, anyone in your team can learn how to use our event platform easily. And our coaches are always around to guide you get the most out of your wow technology.

What are you waiting for to try wow technology?

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