How to simplify the registration process and sell more tickets to your event

When you enter a website to purchase online or register for a newsletter, you usually want a quick and simple process.  For sure, if the forms are endless or the page takes too much time to load, you will leave the page. With an event registration the same concepts apply.

It may happen that your event page receives a lot of hits but the registration conversion rate is low. In this case we will have to find the cause and a solution. Here are some tips.

What can you do to increase the registration rate?

Event organization requires attention to many details, the following are some that you will have to consider to increase event registration:

  • Create a mobile friendly website. In general, internet access through mobile devices has surpassed that of desktop devices. In 2018 over 52% of browser based website access worldwide was through a mobile device. Also, Google ranking algorithms rank mobile friendly websites higher in their search results.
  • Analyze and reduce the necessary steps to register. The more steps there are, the greater the number of registration drop-offs. When you create the form, think about what fields and steps are really necessary. Also,  if users must log in or not to register, and if you can store payment and personal data from other previous records. Anything you can do to make a users life easier, the better. Keep in mind, that after a person registers, you can always reach out for non-critical information, that they can fill out at their leisure.
  • Enable multiple registration points. Use emails and social networks to facilitate registration and that can be done easily without filling in too much information. To accomplish it is essential to use technology.  For example, an event management app, so that all your data will be aggregated in one place. This will not only simplify the registration but you will be able to control it and measure results per channel.

What advantages can an event app provide you?

With an event app you can simplify the entire process and not rely on Excel spreadsheets again. In addition, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • You will automate all repetitive tasks such as loading contact lists.
  • You will save time, money and effort.
  • You will have access to all the event data to be able to control all aspects of your event and measure the results.
  • You can customize forms and integrate them with your CRM.
  • You will comply with the regulations regarding the protection of personal data (EU GDPR).
  • You can create smart guest lists based on guest type (e.g. VIP, Press, GA, etc.).
  • The information will be shared with the entire team dedicated to the event planning and running the event.

Si todavía no utilizas una app para eventos es hora de que descubras cómo te puede ayudar.

If you still do not use an event app, maybe it’s time to discover how it can help you.

Share with us, what do you do to simplify your event registration process?

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