How to increase your event ROI using event data

Your event data is fundamental to give you insights for solutions to different aspects of your event, such as how to increase of the ROI (return on investment) or how to reduce time spent on each step of the process.

Conocer los datos precisos de tu evento te ayudará a:

Knowing precise data will help you:

  • Make more accurate decisions.
  • Plan future events.
  • Increase attendance.
  • Reduce the time and effort devoted to the organization of events.

The key to achieve this is in the data that you collect in your event platform or event app. These are the keys you can follow:

Effective event promotion

The event organization begins long before the event takes place, with the event promotion. This period of time should focus on retaining attendees of past events and inviting new potential customers.

In order to carry out the most effective promotional campaign, you will have to collect data with your event platform, such as:

  • Date and time in which each event registration took place
  • What types of tickets are selling the best
  • From which marketing channel are the persons buying the tickets coming from

All the above data will allow you to distribute your promotional budget efficiently. That is, if, for example, you check that the ticket sales are coming mostly from Facebook, you may decide to increase your budget on those advertisements.

Organising the Logistics  

The event logistics can be an obstacle in creating a pleasant experience for your attendees. To be successful you must analyse data, for example:

  • The content or presentations that appeal to the most attendees.
  • The speed of registration for entry into the event.

The combination of this data will help you, for example, in case you notice that a talk generates more interest from the attendees. You can hold it in a larger room to facilitate access for more attendees and to avoid long queues at the entrance.

The objective here would be to avoid a bad experience at registration and to make sure that the attendees are seated as soon as possible.  

Measuring the success of your event

The measurement of your event’s data will allow you to analyse all the information, and use it for future events that you plan to organise. In this regard, the following data will help you:

  • The number of repeat attendees to your event, as they attended other previously organised events by your company, and the number of new attendees.
  • The presentations that liked by more attendees.

This data is essential in measuring the success of your event; and, above all, taking into account that it is much more difficult to attract a new customer than to retain existing ones.

Therefore, the data that you get from your events platform through registration, personalised emails, or the landing page of the event, is essential to know what worked during the event, and what your organisation should change

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