On-site engagement made simple!

Empower your event staff with a custom engagement app that can:  check-in, connect, deliver digital assets and engage with your attendees through all the event stages.

What can our event engagement tools do for you?


Drive engagement

Our app gives your brand ambassadors the tool to drive engagement at your events. Increase interactions and deliver digital assets with a simple scan.


Automate communication

Create triggers that can notify your audience of relevant information at your events in seconds. Control your Pre, During and Post event communication with ease.


Speed up check-in

Get your attendees through the door fast and secure with our check-in tool. Cut down on queues to increase your attendee's satisfaction and reduce friction.

Flexible and easy to use event app!

Fully customize the look and feel of your event engagement app, create the layout you want and pick a color palette to respect corporate design guidelines.

Pick and mix between an array of functionalities to create an app that suits best all your event’s objectives. Easy to deploy and use by your event staff.

Attendee engagement at it's best!

On-site event team app made to engage and awe your audience.


Choose between a wide range of functionalities


Register on-site and capture all the leads you need - GDPR Compliant


Generate and create unforgettable attendee experiences


Digital wardrobe allows you to manage wardrobe ques more efficiently.


Control your attendance at any entrance, workshop or private section with a simple scan.


Onsite surveys are more efficient than post-event ones. Manage and deploy any survey onstie with a simple click.


Deliver digital assets, from pictures to videos, from PDF's to white-papers; quickly deploy any communication strategy.


Control cash flow and expenses, increase expenditure by 40% and tie consumption to each attendee.


Find confirmation codes, ticket types, and attendees information in a matter of seconds.


Control all your merchandise quantity and frequency in real-time. Adjust your inventory through an easy to use command center.

View all your data event in one place!

View all your events data in your personalised dashboard and follow how your attendees are interacting with your brand in real-time. Gain important insights to device more robust and customer focused campaigns that drive your business forward. 


Choose the one you like



Use the latest NFC technology in the shape of wristbands, badges or merchandise to attract and increase attendee engagement. 

NFC wristband, badges or merchandise can be fully personalized to improve brand presence at events. 



From passbooks to printed QR code mail confirmation, users can use this mechanic as their engagement tool. 

QR codes are fast, easy and efficient to deploy at any event. Low cost and high availability. 



If your event requires printed tickets with a barcode, our system can use the barcode to ID the user and swap the ticket for an NFC mechanic or other. 

Easily integrate our system to your ticketing company to control attendance and content delivery. 



Attendees who use SMS as their registration tracking will get a 4-7 digit code or link to a QR code to use as their engagement mechanic at your event. 

SMS is very popular and easy to implement, you can use the system to send essential event notifications when needed. 



When purchasing a ticket, these can be used to enter the venue but also scanned by our apps to ID the user. The attendee can use their tickets as their engagement tool or swap for a different mechanic. 

Tickets can be integrated with our platform for systems to understand how and what content to deliver to the user.

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