On-site event engagement tools

A complete event team solution packed with the best tools to increase engagement and distribute content to all your event attendees.

An app developed exclusively for your event team and brand ambassadors.

Improve event engagement by 75%

Key features to help you achieve event greatness


Avoid registration fatigue


Create and share with your audience


Obtain real-time feedback

Content Distribution

Distribute branded information

Introducing your next engagement app!

Sit back and enjoy!

Why is your event team so important?

They are the link between your attendees and your branded experiences, so why not provide your staff with the best tools to increase engagement

Event Teams

Easy to use app, fast and intuitive, no learning curve. Designed for any event team to quickly learn and manage a higher attendee engagement.

Attendee Engagement

Capture moments and create memories for your attendees all through a single engagement app.

You are as strong as your weakest link. So track your brand ambassadors performance. 

Control Performance

Manage each individual staff member to monitor their performance in regards to your events KPI’s.

Manage all Goals

Set goals for each individual brand ambassador and gamify their performance live at the event.


Motivate and Engage

The app will send all brand ambassadors periodic tips in real-time to enhance their performance.   

The use of digital solutions improves not only event experiences for organizers but also for a large number of attendees.

Make your events easier!

improve your obejctives

Create live interaction

Increase efficiency

Save time

Reduce staff costs

Reduce organizational costs

Increase attendee satisfaction

Simplify organizational process

Create more business opportunities

Take a look at our engagement app

Below is a walkthrough of our apps capability, have fun exploring!

Registration Option

No more excels! yes, those days a are over, everything is controlled by a single digital tool. Your registration process should be frictionless and seamless. Capture all the information you need to qualify your lead and integrate with your CRM.

Key benefits from the registration process

Lead Capture

Improve time and type of lead captured all integrated with your CRM.


Obtain real-time geographic data of your attendees.

Age & Gender

Filter your leads by their gender or age for a better-targeted message.

Privacy Policy

Attendees can review policies, terms and conditions from the app.

Experiential Option

Experiences are one of the cornerstones of any event engagement. We make it easy for your event team to use our engagement app to generate and create unforgettable attendee experiences, allowing them to share and document their interactions with your brand.

Key benefits of the experiences app

Photo Solutions

Snap pictures of your attendees and add branded overlays.

Video Solutions

Video is king! Add your branding to your attendee’s experiences.

Animated GIF’s

Fun and viral that’s what a GIF is all about, fully branded!

Match and Greet

Meet new people, share new contacts, network with ease.

Wardrobe Option

Stop losing those wardrobe tickets or making long queues to retrieve your garment. Easily use our app to quickly tag each piece of wardrobe to their rightful owner through a digital interface. Just scan and add a hanger and the user is ready to enjoy your event. Innovating an event classic has never been so easy.

Key benefits of the wardrobe option

Deposit Clothing

With just one scan, your garment is fully trackable.

Retrieve Garments

Scan to view the hanger code to retrieve your clothing item.

Multiple Items

More than one item, no problem, we can store as many as you like.

No Paper!

Avoid losing the wardrobe ticket, be digital!

Check-in Option

Control your attendance through our simple scan and arrival functionality. You will be able to see from our attendee management platform who is at your event, control if they attend a demo, speakers, keynotes or any other activity going on through your venue.

Key benefits for the check-in process

Access Control

Control entrance and exits from your events.

Sessions and Keynotes

Control entrance to speakers and time in a session.

Demo products

Check-In those attendees interested in certain demos or products.


Manage sign-ups and access control for specific workshops.

Surveys Option

Feedback from our attendees should be valued, captured and filtered in order to understand their needs and their impression of our events. Surveys serve a greater purpose, which is to understand more about our users and how we can personalize our message to engage at deeper levels.

Key benefits for using the survey app

Lead Qualification

Surveys can help us split leads into categories.

Event Feedback

Obtain real-time feedback from your events.

Send Information

Personalize content delivery depending on the survey results.

Improve events

Event feedback provides valuable data points for future improvement.

Content Option

Content distribution should always have a strategy tied to the process. Once we understand what content the user is looking for, we can personalize messages and improve the implications your brand will have with the event attendees. Stop printing and spending money on catalogs and brochures and send digital an interactive content instead.

Key benefits from content distribution


Send any video of your product or service fast and easy.


Any type of file you want to share with your attendee.

Links of interest

Send users to important websites or download pages.

Catalogs and Brochures

Stop spending money on printing, go digital, save a tree!

Cashless Option

No need to have long queues for a drink or a bite to eat. No need to have bartenders or employees managing money. Control consumption tied to an individual user, control cash flow through our simple app. Have users pay upon exit just by tapping and avoid using real cash throughout your event.

Key benefits from our cashless solutions

Manage Consumed products

Control what products your attendees consume at your live events.

Fast and Easy

Avoid long lines and handling money at your next event.

Data & Insights

Track all consumptions in real-time from each attendee.

Exit Cash-Out

Cash out on your way out. Get scanned and pay your balance.

Giveaways Option

Have you ever wondered how to control your merchandise inventory on-site? Or how to control giving one item per user? We have created a very simple yet effective tool to control inventory, quantities, frequency, and recurrence all from a single place.

Key benefits from our merchandising solution

Control Inventory

Dynamically control all inventory for merchandise giveaways.

Merchandise frequency

Control the frequency where certain items are given to attendees.

Track Recurrence

Define how many items can be given to a unique user per event.

Track Delivery

Track and tie each product to any given attendee from our dashboard.

Search Option

Searching for your attendees on-site can be gruesome and hard to do. The pressure of having everyone rush through the doors is always high. Our search option allows your team to quickly search for the attendee and match them quickly in case they have forgotten their confirmation code.

Key benefits from using the search option

Find a registration

Easily find anyone registered for your event through our platform.

Scan QR code

Scan a QR code confirmation to match registration.

Confirm Details

Confirm personal infromatin from each attendee from a single view.


Any unconfirmed attendee can be looked up and checked-in on-site.

Your event app is just 3 steps away

It’s simple to make an awesome event app!


Choose the best functionalities from the engagement app for your event.


Add your banner and logo to fit your branding guidelines.


Add a background to finish customizing your new engagement app.

Track & Measure

Real-time data has never been so easy. Take advantage of our command center to view in real time all data that is being generated at your event. Measure your true ROE (Return on Engagement)


Attendee management made easy!

No one likes to stand in a line to attend an event. That’s why we have created a light registration process that streamlines your attendee’s arrival.


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Personalized Timeline

Share and track all the content generated at your event by your attendees in a single timeline


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