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Check out a typical consumer journey below


Attendees pre-register through a customized web page or on- site through a brand ambassadors device


The day of the event the registration data is linked to a mechanic and all the data is stored at our servers


The attendees participate in the different experiences that are proposed by the brand and document them through RFID mechanics

Brand ambassadors read the attendees RFID mechanics with their device and delivers the content to the attendees social media, email or  personalized Timeline

Attendees Timeline


The attendees receive their content through Facebook, Twitter or through an email with an access to their personal timeline and amplify/share the branded content through their social media


Get real feedback through surveys immediately after the experiences when memories are still fresh

How does it work?

See how easy it is to use technology at your events

1. Registration Process

Streamline the registration process and get your attendees engaged

Ditch manual handwork and paper invitations. Our tools allow you to send invitations and track RSVP’s all on one platform.


Allow attendees to register before the event through our branded landing pages and avoid badge collection ques upon arrival.

On-Site Registration

Capture your leads onsite through our event staff app and control access to your event from a single place.

2. Attendee Delivery Mechanics

Go ahead and pick a mechanic to ID your users onsite. You can tie user registration to different mechanics, allowing for a faster content and experience delivery.

  • RFID - NFC

    RFID – NFC Technology

    Use the latest NFC technology in the shape of wristbands, badges or merchandise to attract and increase attendee engagement

    NFC wristbands, badges or merchandise can be fully branded to improve brand presence at events.


    QR codes

    From passbooks to printed QR code mail confirmation, users can use this mechanic as their engagement tool.

    QR codes are fast, easy and efficient to deploy at any event. Low cost and high availability.


    Bar Codes

    If your event requires printed tickets with a barcode, our system can use the barcode to ID the user and swap the ticket for an NFC mechanic or other.

    Easily integrate with our system to your ticketing company to control attendance and content delivery.

  • SMS


    Attendees who use SMS as their registration tracking will get a 4-6 digit code or a link to a QR code to use that as their engagement tool at your event.

    SMS is very popular and easy to implement, you can use the system to send essential event notifications when needed.


    Event Tickets

    When purchasing tickets, these can be used to enter the venue but also to be scanned by our apps, ID the user. The attendee can use their ticket as their engagement tool or swap for a different mechanic.

    Tickets can be integrated with our platform for the system to understand how and what content to deliver to the user.

3. Content Delivery

Great! you have a mechanic, now ask your attendee how they want their content delivered?

Facebook Post

Our event app has been approved by Facebook to post content on the user’s behalf on their personal timeline.

Twitter Feed

Use your event #hashtags and branded overlays to post pictures, and other relevant event content on the users Twitter feed.

LinkedIn Post

All content is branded and posted on the user’s profile to maximize reach and exposure. Post professional content.


Email Delivery

All content will be delivered to the users’ email with a personalized link, allowing them to view the content in a branded timeline.

Share and amplify your story

Every event has a story to tell, but more importantly one to share with those not present. Transform your physical experiences into digital memories.

Facebook Sharing

Facebook has been one of the most sought-after tools to share and amplify branded content. Now it is harder for brands to get noticed. That is why we have developed our tools to be controlled by the user, so they post and they speak to you in order to reach more people with your message.

Twitter posting

If Facebook can be described as sharing past stories, Twitter is the NOW. Twitter has the opportunity to reach and expand your audience in real-time. Provide users the ability to post content fast and easy and give them bragging rights about their experience with your brand.

Attendee Timeline

Customize your timeline with your logo, backgrounds and other guidelines to make your content breath your brand

View all interactions

Stop sending the attendee hundreds of links and stop asking them to tag their content to retrieve their experiences, all interactions in one single place.

Efficiently document the event, share and track all generated communications by your audience in one single timeline.

Quickly add product videos or any company content you wish in between the users branded content. Use this timeline as a means to communicate more personalized information and add value to your attendee.

4. Event Experiences

Now is time for your event to shine! Use any of these features to share experiences with your attendees.

Tools to engage

In the core of this addictive app are the experiences created to engage and maximize your event’s message.



Videos are shared 1,200% more times than links and text combined


Green Screen

Superimpose your attendees onto virtual branded backgrounds


Take photos and add your branding for higher engagement and reach


Customer feedback right after your experience while memories are still fresh

Animated GIF’s

One of the most popular forms of creating content at events!



Are you generating your own content? let us share it and track it for you

Track & Measure

Real-time data has never been so easy. Take advantage of our command center to view in real time all data that is being generated at your event. Measure your true ROE (Return on Engagement)


Attendee management made easy!

No one likes to stand in a line to attend an event. That’s why we have created a light registration process that streamlines your attendee’s arrival.


Engagement tools!

Provide your event team with the best set of tools for your next event.

Improve engagement now!

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Personalized Timeline

Share and track all the content generated at your event by your attendees in a single timeline


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