Deliver and track your event content

The first content distribution engine in the event industry.

Allow attendees to interact with their content, from a single space

CODE can personalise content depending on how users engage at your event 


Content Delivery

Deliver different types of content to a single place. Videos, PDFS, pictures, infographics, ebooks, presentations, audios, you name it.


Track Results

Measure how content is being consumed, shared and generated by your attendees from a real-time dashboard.



You can easily personalise all aspects of the timeline to reflect your event and brands image. Pre-populate the timeline with valuable event content.

Content is becoming extremely valuable for events

But for some reason, we still deliver long links to a dropbox or a google drive, and we provide every single attendee with the same information… forcing them to swim through endless folders and files

Content that is curated to each attendee

Generate a unique space with a unique access to all their content

A new way to document and communicate valuable event information.


Reach attendees individually

Are emails not for you? Try the new Timeline function. Create a personal space for each of your guests and let them document all their information in a contained area.


Access all your event data easily

Efficiently document your attendee's interactions. Understand how each group interacts with their assets and which are more effective than others.


Add content in many formats

Easily pre-populate multimedia content inside each attendees timeline; PDF´s, maps, brochures, pictures, videos and any digital asset you wish to share with your attendees.

Attendee Timeline

Discover a new event communication channel with your attendees. Generate long-lasting impressions and document all their experiences in a single place.

Get Guests Excited about Your Event!

Create a content sharing channel that breathes the look and feel of your brand. Forget about writing and sending out multiple emails and share your event’s content in a fun and interactive space. 

View all your data in one place

View all the statistics of your timeline in your personalized dashboard. See how many people have accessed it, how many times and who shared their content through social media. Learn which event content has the most engagement.

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