Beginners Guide to Event Tech

In the drive to digitise events, we have been asked, where is the best place to start?

Well, as with anything, at the beginning!

Once you launch an event, you want to promote it and manage your attendance. So why not begin there?

According to the Good Event Management Software Guide, published by EventMB:

“84.5% of event professionals use online event registration tools, but only 20.8% use check in apps.”

Which means many event professionals are missing the opportunity to streamline their processes, gather data, and maximise the benefit of using technology in the first place.

Let’s say you have taken the first step in using an online event registration tool, maybe it is time to take the second step to automate your check in process. If not, maybe take the right first step.

Using both online registration and a check in app, you can:

  • Increase check-in speed
  • Increase attendee satisfaction
  • Reduce human errors
  • Reduce paper wastage

Also, you will be able to consolidate your view of promotional activities to registrations and finally to verified attendance.

Sweet, and not so tough!  

So, how will you pick which app to use?

Depends what your end goal is. If you want to eventually migrate to a complete event management platform, then start by studying them and seeing which one is best catered to your industry and event activities.

If you just want to get your feet wet with attendance management before you move forward, then look for the simplest solution available.

Capterra.com can be a good place to research event tech, where you can find both event checking software and event management software. You can see customer ratings, features and benefits, and contact the vendors.

Things to consider:

  • Does the app use ID mechanism you would want to?
  • Is there a dashboard to monitor in real time your attendance?
  • Can you download the data or reports so that you can prove your KPIs?

A little information about ID mechanisms, they generally include: QR codes, Barcodes, RFID, ticket numbers, etc.

If you are using your own mobile phones for the app, then pay attention to what features your phones have. For example, Apple doesn’t easily allow access to its RFID (NFC) readers, but Android phones generally do.

So if you are using Apple, be sure to stick to QR codes.

QR codes could be the best universal systems, as they can be printed on a ticket or saved in a digital wallet. You can also send them as a PDF by email. Since all mobile phones have a camera these days, your check-in app will surely be able to scan them if you allow it access to your phone’s camera.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at sales@yumiwi.com. Our coaches will guide you through your options and how best to apply digital transformation in your specific event environment. We can offer you a free coaching session as you begin your research.

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