Centralize all your attendee management data!

Fast, easy and flexible. Restore control over your attendees.

Get your life back!

Streamline the registration process with a single sign-on.

Your attendee’s experience should be seamless and frictionless

CRM ready!

Capture, manage and control all your attendees completely integrating them to your existing CRM through our dedicated API.

NO EXCEL! please clap!

Over are the days of handling registration with excel and paper. Forget about headaches, mistakes, and confusion.

Integrated platform

Stop using multiple software to manage your attendees. Stop collecting data manually and keying it to another program.

Improve data collection and sorting

Customize registration process

Design a specialized registration process with a user-friendly interface

Collect relevant data

Customize information fields in your event registration form.

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Define attendee type

Send invitations with specific content for each attendee.

Let’s make events easier!

Ditch manual handwork and paper invitations. Our tools allow you to send invitations and track RSVP’s.

Forget about long queues. You will be able to manage your attendees quickly and easily on opening day.

No more guesswork! With our attendee management tools, you will be able to know who is going to assist your event.

“36% of event marketers said that their biggest challenge is increasing event registration.”

Don’t be one of them!

Introducing our attendee management platform!

Check it out!

A trusted partner for your next event

Working with the industries best and brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

  • Yumiwi has been a true discovery. Having tools that are structured, clear and in real-time is a must on our live events and it was something unthought of in the past. 
    Bárbara Santos
    Volkswagen - Head of Sponsoring and Events Passanger Cars


The event starts way before the venue opening day.


Promote your event on branded customized event websites. Create the look of your landing pages and emails invitations using your own files, logo and images


Collect registration data easily, by customizing the information fields in your event registration form. Only collect data that is relevant to you and access it at your personalized dashboard.

Data base

Upload your existing database and personalize your guest list fast and easily. Define different attendee categories to send specific invitations to customized blocks.

Attendee status

Quickly view the status of all your attendees, from confirmed, interested, called, checked-in canceled. Control the transferability of your invites, create unique limited invitations for each guest type. (Normal, VIP, Press, etc.)

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Pre-Event content

Tired of attendees that are not prepared for your event, validate your attendance and send content in the form of pdf’s to their personalized timeline to educate your attendees before the day of the event.


Where the magic happens.

Live guest list

Know where your attendees are at all times. Control their access to different areas, check attendance to key note sessions and event locations.

Share and amplify

Include social media platforms into your event registration process in order to make your attendees share their event experience on Facebook and Twitter.

Engagement app

Equip your brand ambassadors with an event engagement app. Create personalized digital content, sent automatically to the attendee or shared on social media.


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Make sure to follow up.

Post-event engagement is now possible!

42% of attendees are more likely to attend another event after receiving a post-event communication.

Be heard!

Never let your attendees forget you! Send personalized thank you emails and invitations for your next event. Build trust between you and your audience.

View your data

Understand your event’s performance through our personalized data dashboards.Our real-time dashboard allows you to view your achievement and tweak your event’s performance before it´s too late.

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Show your attendees how much you care!

Customize your communications

Welcome emails

Because first impressions count, send branded and personalized welcome emails. Educate and engage with your attendees even before the event starts.

Thank you emails

Thank you emails are the best way to stay in the mind of your attendees and make them feel valued. Built trust between you and your audience and spread the word of mouth fast.

Track & Measure

Real-time data has never been so easy. Take advantage of our command center to view in real time all data that is being generated at your event. Measure your true ROE (Return on Engagement)


Engagement tools!

Provide your event team with the best set of tools for your next event.

Improve engagement now!

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Personalized Timeline

Share and track all the content generated at your event by your attendees in a single timeline


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Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.

- Edward Deming