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  • Yumiwi has been a true discovery. Having tools that are structured, clear and in real-time is a must on our live events and it was something unthought of in the past. 
    Bárbara Santos
    Volkswagen - Head of Sponsoring and Events Passanger Cars

Streamline your event content!

Use the best tools to seamless distribute your attendee’s event experience

Start with Engagement

The pillar of any event is its attendance and how they engage with your brand. Our platform was conceived to document and distribute all content and experiences while tracking and measuring performance.

  1. Interact with the best tools and increase engagement
  2. Manage attendance to avoid registration fatigue.
  3. Collect data to track and analyze your event’s performance
  4. Send personalized content to each attendee.

 Choose the right content related assets for every event stage

  • Attendee sign-up
  • RSVP
  • Welcome email
  • Digital ticket
  • Passbooks
  • Branded landing pages
  • Branded content delivery
  • Import your database
  • CRM integration
  • Check attendee status
  • Pre-event content delivery

Live Event
  • Access control
  • Onsite registration
  • Timeline access
  • Surveys
  • SMS notifications
  • Third party experiential integrations
  • Photo delivery
  • Document Delivery
  • Experiences delivery
  • Check-ins
  • Giveaways

  • Thank you email
  • Follow up emails
  • Content reminders
  • Post-event survey
  • Social media sharing
  • Attendee content insights
  • Content tracking
  • Number of viewed content
  • Time spent on timeline
  • Downloaded content
  • Recurrence

All the tools you’ll ever need

Whether you’re building a tradeshow, a music festival, a roadshow or a product launch, Yumiwi has you covered.

For Brands

You know that events are an effective marketing tool. As many as 8 out of 10 people who participate in an event pass that experience on to someone else.

For Agencies

You know how important it is to have everything perfectly organized. Empower your event team with the best tools in order to capture, share and amplify.

For Promoters

Setting up your event is just the beginning. What if you could provide your sponsors with the right engagement tools to increase revenue?

Register and Identify your audience.

In order to distribute the right content, we have to start with the basics, your attendee. We need to identify who they are through a registration process.

Once registered, the platform will allow you to send invitations, review confirmations and RSVP’s, Vip invites, and more. Use the platform to import your own database or integrate with your existing CRM software.


Use engagement tools to increase content distribution.

Great! you have your attendees inside the venue completely identified. Now use robust engagement tools to deliver content and personalized experiences to your audience.

Capture a lead, take photos, Gif’s, send branded content, surveys, games, and much more to make your audience highly engaged.


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Personalized attendee event timeline.

Stop dragging catalogs and brochures, stop losing those awesome pictures printed on a polaroid. Digitalize all experiences and organize all content in one single place.

Use the attendee timeline as a new way of communicating with your audience even after the event is over. The timeline is a place to keep coming back for additional content.


Event data in Real-Time.

No more waiting until the event is over to measure and obtain key actionable data points. Now you have full power to control, tweak and improve your event’s performance from a single view.


Data Protection and Security

We are extremely concerned with the data collected at events, that is why we abide all government regulations regarding data protection. Check out some of the features we offer as a standard for every event we deploy.

We are GDPR compliant!

No need to worry, all our events are GDPR ready and compliance. Your attendee’s data is safe and managed according to the latest data protection European laws. Feel free to call one of our experts to advise you on how we can help you implement the new GDPR for your next event.


Our platform is extremely safe and optimized to guarantee all your events needs.


Amazon Relational Database Services

Queue Services

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)


Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

SSL by GeoTrust

SSL GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard Certificate

Constant Monitoring

Real-time error notifications allow us to quickly fix the platform

Web Services & WebHooks

Integrate third-party services like your own CRM, ticketing company and more.

Ask us for a demo.

“Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I understand”


Integrate with your existing tools

Making sure that our platform can communicate with your existing software is crucial to your event success.

Hello developers!

Our system can easily integrate with your experiences through our Yumiwi API.


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Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.

- Edward Deming