Events have changed...

Yumiwi is the most flexible event software in the industry. We have added your event strategy to the mix with the right technology to obtain real time results that justify your brand’s objectives. 

...and so did we

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Helping brands to become more digital at events.

Are your events ready to be digital?

Digital events achieve better results


We define the best technology solution for your event based on your brands objectives and event KPI´s.

Attendee Journey

Coordination with all the event players in order to guarantee a smooth and effective consumer journey.


Deployment of event tech according to your strategy to capture all actionable data points to reach your objectives.

Event tools to improve your results

The event department is critical to your business

We´ll advise you through the whole digital transformation

Using technology, we minimize the use of physical elements, guaranteeing health safety for your event.

The use of NFC allows contactless interactions within the event. From access management to content consumption or interactions with other attendees. In addition to providing an additional layer of data, it opens up a range of interactive content (surveys, videos, gifs, keynotes, etc.) that create more impact than printed material.

From Strategy to Data


We are the event layer that will guarantee results and event objectives

Why are we different than a SaaS Platform?

A SaaS (Software As A Service) is created for you to buy a subscription, have a team member manage it, learn how it works, and adapts to the functionalities offered by the software to your event. It has a high learning curve, consuming time, and effort from your team members.

Yumiwi works differently, we understand that not all events are the same, we provide solutions to your event team, and it is our platform that adapts to your needs and not the other way around.

You hire not only a Software but also a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in the event space.

Do you know how digital are your events?

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Benefits from a digital event transformation

Cost Reduction

An event tool for effective management of related operations of the event, saving time, and digitizing the entire process of implementation and communication with attendees.

Experienced professionals

Improve your existing event team without the need to hire extra team members. We will help you carve the best event strategy to improve your event results.

Event Management

We can create and coordinate with all your event players to guarantee that the technology is aligned with the objectives of the event.

White Label

We will clone our platform to have all communications and branding match your brand. All updates to the platform will be synced automatically.


Make better decisions by centralizing all your event data in a single space and have access to all your event insights in order to make better decisions.